Account Quality Score

Last Updated: Dec 21, 2016 02:42PM CET
Your Account Quality Score is the best predictor of how likely the content of your listings and your behaviour at the account level combine can generate confirmed bookings.

Read first: Listing Quality Score


Account Quality Score

Your Account Quality Score is based upon a simple average of the individual Listing Quality Scores for each of your published listings. It also considers your behaviour at the account level - for example how quickly you respond to requests from potential Guests.

Both Listing Quality Score and Account Quality Score are scores out of a maximum 100 points. The higher your scores, the more likely your listings are to receive bookings from potential Guests.


Finding your Account Quality Score

You can find your Account Quality Score:
  • On the Dashboard page when you log-in to your account
  • In regular emails from Your.Rentals

Improving your Account Quality Score

With a little effort, most Property Managers should be able to achieve a Green (Great!) Account Quality Score.

Improve individual Listing Quality Scores

Read how to improve your individual Listing Quality Scores.

Improve your Account level behaviour

  • Respond to Booking Requests quickly - although you have up to 24 hours to Accept or Decline a Booking Request, good practice dictates that you decide within a couple of hours. 
  • Don't decline Booking requests regularly - if you decline a Booking request, it impacts negatively on your Account Quality Score. If you find that you have requests for dates that are already booked (on another site), ensure that you have Calendar sync set-up with all other calendars that you use for your listings. 
  • Don't cancel bookings - Limit booking cancellations to being a rare occurrence. If you find that you are cancelling bookings more often that you have a birthday, you have an issue. Ensure that you have Calendar sync set-up with all other calendars that you use for your listings.
  • Enable Instant Booking - listings that are published with Instant Booking provide immediate confirmation for Guests, which provides a better user experience.

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