Languages & Currencies

Last Updated: May 23, 2018 11:57AM CEST
When creating your account you will also be asked to choose your Preferred language and Currency.  You may also set Languages 

Your chosen Currency is used for:
  • Setting your rates and prices in your Listings.
  • Calculating your Booking earnings and payouts.
  • The currency in which your Payouts are processed.
  • Once you have created your account, you are able to change your currency, however if you have set your listing rates you should plan this carefully.

Your Preferred language is used for:
  • The language of the Your.Rentals application when you are logged in. 
  • Email notifications sent from Your.Rentals to you.
  • SMS notifications sent from Your.Rentals to your verified mobile phone number.
  • Guests will be notified of your Preferred language in their Booking confirmation.
  • You are able to change you Preferred language from the Edit profile page.

Languages spoken is used for:
  • Notifying sales channels which languages you speak and understand, often it is displayed on your listings.
  • Guests will be notified of your Languages spoken in their Booking confirmation.
  • You can add/edit Languages spoken from the Edit profile page.

Listing description languages are used for:
  • Providing your listing text description and headline to sales channels - they will use the correct language description to display to Guests browsing in different languages.
  • In the event that you do not provide your listing description in a certain language, we'll translate it using Google Translate before providing it to each sales channel. You can add a new language at any time and we'll discard any Google Translate version.
  • If you wish to add/edit the languages for your listing text descriptions, follow these instructions.

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